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First National Real Estate elects their youngest Chairman

Newly elected Bob Brereton becomes First National Real Estate’s youngest Chairman. First National Real Estate is the largest group of independent real estate agents with over 400 offices in Australasia – Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.
At age 38, and after only six years with the network, Brereton’s leadership, vision and business acumen are the outstanding skills required to spearhead a company.
Starting out as a personal assistant in the real estate business, within six years, Brereton has risen to Principal of First National Motueka followed by Chairman of First National Real Estate. “ Bob’s enthusiasm, focus and business aptitude meant he was quickly identified as a future leader for our brand”, says Colleen Milne, general manager of First National Group.
Milne says,“Bob has come from a cross industry business background – construction through to property investment. His extensive industry experience and people skills has laid the foundations for a successful real estate business while, at the same, developed the competencies required for a leadership role.”
Bob Brereton states that, “Showing faith in me displays the enormously progressive nature and forward thinking of the First National network. The world of real estate has moved significantly over recent years during very challenging market conditions – some have handled it and some not.
“During this time, a new generation of real estate professionals has emerged never having known a different market and, ultimately, flourished in it. As a result, First National has embraced the market conditions and emerged a stronger and more focussed force” he says.
First National Real Estate is a co-operative company which means agents are shareholders in the brand. This results in the owners having control of their destiny. As part of the shareholder process, the group elects a board and a Chairman, with the emphasis on growth and delivery of benefits to its members.
Milne says, “ Bob has extensive information technology experience which is critical in today’s real estate market . He is leading the way in implementing new technologies from our partnership with First National Australia”.

For more information, please contact:
Colleen Milne, general manager, First National Group
Phone: 029 771 0750
Bob Brereton. Principle, First National Motueka
Phone: 021 772 309

Bob Brereton – Youngest Chairman