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First National Real Estate Time for Change

After over a quarter of a century in Tauranga, First National Real Estate recognised to continue in today’s competitive market, it was time for change. Such a change involved not only relocation of the National office to Auckland but the restructuring of resources to provide expanded products and services to our membership.

This relocation to Auckland was specifically engineered to increase both presence and brand profile in a business city. Suffice to say, this move, together with the restructuring, has resulted in shaking off the gloom of recent poor market conditions, the global financial crisis and, ultimately, enabled us to focus on adding value and growth to our membership.

The introduction of a vast array of new technology products from First National (Australia) will provide benefits to our sales and property management teams. This is just one of the great benefits of being a part of a 400+ First National International network. Added to this, as a co-operative, our members continue to value their autonomy as they have no big brother watching over them.

A revitalised executive management team lead by general manager Colleen Milne (MBA) has achieved exceptional results largely due to her hands on administrative approach backed by her extensive experience at senior management level. This real estate role is a change of career for Colleen who previously came from a franchising background, “it is a pleasure to work in this co-operative, with such a committed group of members. The members believe in the brand and work together for the good of the membership which is very refreshing” says Colleen Milne.

Under Colleen’s guidance, the restructuring of the National office has seen the introduction of a real estate licensed trainer, a property management trainer as well as a membership services manager who are all focused on delivering products and services to the network’s sales people, property managers and their teams.

Joining the executive, in 2012, was a very technology savvy Chairman of the Board, Bob Brereton whose guidance and expertise is taking the First National brand from strength to strength.

For more information please contact:
Colleen Milne
General Manager
First National Group NZ Ltd
Mobile: 029 771 0750

First National Real Estate New Zealand's General Manager, Colleen Milne

First National Real Estate New Zealand’s General Manager, Colleen Milne